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Blockchain Payouts

Get Paid on the Blockchain

Receive your payments on the blockchain, for unmatched transparency and security. Don't rely on banks for expensive transfers but get your payments super fast and secure.

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Content Marketplace

Funding For Your Next Release

Let anyone invest in your videos with a click of a button, get cash upfront, and make your top fans visible. Earn a share with every trade your fans make.

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Split Payments

Share the Revenue with Others

Share the revenue of your videos with other contributors or even your fanbase. Talentir's payout system handles thousands of owners on a single video asset, with monthly payouts.

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Co-ownership Campaigns

Increase Engagement & Revenue

Share, gift, or sell ownership of your content to the community that cares the most and let them participate in your success. Turn them into active promoters of your creations and push your releases to new heights.

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Explore our latest launch and join the exclusive club of Co-Owners. Start reaping your share of the royalties.

Our Vision

The Co-ownership Model

Talentir is more than just a platform for sharing and monetizing your content. We're a community of passionate creatives and fans who believe in the power of shared ownership to transform the creative industry. That's why we've created a complete package of tools designed to empower musicians, artists, podcasters, and creators to take control of their content and build vibrant communities around their work. Come join us and be part of the co-ownership revolution.


Rethinking Creativity

Dear Creatives,

The world is an ever-evolving and crazy place. It’s not easy to focus on what’s really import as a Creative: Creating.

Our dedication is simple: Building tools and developing concepts that help you grow in every aspect of your creative life. Focus on your creativity, while saving time and gaining visibility. Build deeper relationships with the people who care about you. Co-ownership and blockchain are here to stay, and we are here to make it accessible.

Yours truly
Johnny + Lukas, Founders

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