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The most direct form of digital content investing. Become a shareholder of your favorite music video and grow with your investment like never before.

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Talents can turn their creative content into tradable assets and let fans participate in their success.

Talentir is a marketplace where investors and fans can invest, collect and trade digital content and its associated revenue streams - starting with music videos. Shareholders will receive a monthly payout from the generated ad revenues in the form of dividends.

Revenue Streams

Invest in shares of your favorite artist's music videos and get a monthly payout. Talents receive immediate rewards for their hard work.


Talentirs foundation is based on blockchain technology which empowers the community to define the playing rules.

Community Participation

Being a superfan finally pays off! Take action as your Talent's ambassador and increase your portfolio's value.

Our Vision

Music Videos are just the beginning

We provide solutions for musicians, artists, podcasters & creators to unlock new revenue streams. Our vision is to build the creator economy's next-generation content trading platform and royalty engine that will change how music and digital content is seen, used, and traded.

Your content is worth more than you think; it is time to unchain its potential.


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A new age of

Artist & Fan relationship

with collective co-ownerships, artists can fuel their growth, keeping power over their work and reconnect to their supporters.

Dear Talents,

We value your work and want to rebuild artist appreciation. While the streaming industry is booming and generating more revenues each year, artists are not fairly compensated. Your content is worth something and it’s time for you to cash out. Let us help you make a living and to be recognized without giving up the rights to your intellectual property.

We are here to build a sustainable future for creatives.

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All you need to know

We are kicking off with music videos and turning the most watched content into a tradable asset. Music videos have high artistic and emotional value. The feature of trading music master rights will be added soon.

With just a few clicks, Talentir enables artists to add new revenue streams. Paste the Youtube URL into, set the percentage of shares you are willing to give away, and spread the news to your fans. All initial proceeds go to you. Furthermore, you'll receive 10% off each trade on the secondary market.

As a fan, you can invest directly in your favorite artist. Take your chance, receive a cut of the music video's ad revenue, and become part of an exclusive ownership group unlocking access to special utilities.

Talents receive an immediate reward for their hard work. In addition, they can turn their fanbase into an emotionally and financially invested collective. This can increase video traffic, accumulating more revenue for both the Talent and the Fan.

No. We are simply utilizing blockchain technology to turn digital content into tradable products.You need an email address to sign up for Talentir. If you have an existing wallet, you can connect it instead.

Blockchain technology enables us to achieve security and full transparency. We can focus on bridging the real-world revenue to the blockchain and rely on Ethereum for secure trading.

We are relying on blockchain technology to establish maximum transparency and security. Using Ethereum (ETH) as our transaction currency enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum network.. We'll be displaying prices on our platform in both ETH and fiat currency (i.e., EUR).