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Rusanda Panfili Launches First Fan-Owned YouTube Video

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David Dittrich
Director of Marketing

Gone are the days when fan participation was limited to buying an artist's music or cheering them on at concerts. Today, a shift is happening, fundamentally transforming how you engage with and contribute to your favorite artists' success. This unique digital experience adds a whole new dimension to the music you love. The era of passive consumption is making way for active participation, and we're excited to introduce our platform, which offers you a chance to become co-owner of your beloved music creations.

As a music enthusiast, have you ever wished to become more than just a consumer and be a vital part of an artist's journey? Well, here we are to make that wish come true.

Own a fraction of a YouTube video

Today we are live with our rights management software and a clear mission to add new revenue streams to the portfolio of millions of creators, musicians, artists, and fans. You can now acquire and co-own a piece of a YouTube video. Your stake in the video brings you a portion of its ad revenue for every view. Artists and fans deserve a platform where they can grow and succeed together. We're committed to providing you with the most transparent, reliable, and rewarding experience. Get ready for what's to come.

Rusanda Panfili offering shares of her music video

With anticipation running high, we present Rusanda Panfili, the renowned solo violinist of Hans Zimmer, as our very first release. Rusanda has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. She has truly made her mark in the classical, cross-over, and pop music scenes.

Known for her versatility, virtuosity, and creativity, Rusanda has been touring the world's largest arenas. She explores new sonic worlds using her multi-instrumental skills as a composer and arranger. Our first collaboration in this ambitious venture has shown that Rusanda Panfili has proven to be a versatile and innovative force in the music world as she was willing to iterate Talentir to fully operational.

Now, fans of Rusanda Panfili can co-own a piece of her YouTube video, specifically, her breathtaking interpretation of Jules Massenet's Meditation from Thais. By doing so, they participate in the success of every view for this timeless masterpiece. During her musical journey, she worked alongside superstars like Hans Zimmer, Brian May, Gavin Greenaway, Gabriel Yared, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Carlos Rafael Rivera, Valentina Nafornita, Tina Guo, Worakls or Igudesman & Joo. We're thrilled to have you onboard, Rusanda.

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Talentir aims to build a community where artists and fans can grow and succeed. Artists gain a new way to monetize their work and deepen their relationship with their fans. In contrast, fans can participate in the journey and growth of their favorite artists directly and meaningfully.

Securing a stake in a YouTube video is more than just an act of fan affection. It's a novel way to participate in an artist's journey, and it's about making a tangible contribution to the music you love and sharing in the success that follows.

To get a share of Rusanda's interpretation of Jules Massenet's Meditation from Thais all you have to do is go to Talentir. All you first-time investors out there, let us know your experience with us. Whenever you have direct feedback, send it right away to

Welcome to Talentir, welcome to the world of content trading.

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