This is the story of how a Swiss-Austrian startup unleashes the power of co-ownership.

From Startup To Changing The Content Industry

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This is the story of how a Swiss-Austrian startup unleashes the power of co-ownership.

Content creation is booming, and fans have become the lifeblood of the entertainment industry - This is the perfect birth environment for our venture, Talentir. Talentir is the first platform to turn YouTube videos into a shared success story.

We strive to make it as easy as possible for musicians and creators to turn their content into tradable and sharable assets.

Johannes Kares, CTO Talentir

By investing more than time in digital content, fans become more than mere spectators – they become stakeholders with a direct financial interest in the artist's achievements. This concept of co-ownership strengthens the bond between artists and their fans and empowers fans to contribute to the artist's economic growth.

We spent a lot of effort to make the Talentir user experience as smooth as possible.

Patrick Wibmer, Talentir's UX-Designer

Creators paste the YouTube URL into the Talentir platform, define the percentage of shares they are willing to offer, and share the news with their fans. Talentir does the heavy lifting in the background to let fans receive a portion of the ad revenue generated by their videos. This unique setup establishes a direct support line between fans and artists, forging a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

This is the entry point to turn your YouTube Video into a sharable and tradable asset.

But why would talents choose to sell parts of their revenue streams?

The relationship between artists and fans is rapidly transforming in today's interconnected digital world. With the rise of platforms like Talentir, established artists are discovering innovative ways to deepen fan engagement and, in the process, unlock a new promotional powerhouse.

Artists convert their followers into influential promoters by allowing fans to invest in their success. These fan investors are now vested in the artist's success and are naturally incentivized to share, stream, and promote their music. This type of organic promotion, rooted in genuine fandom and financial interest, has the potential to reach far beyond traditional advertising campaigns.

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Beyond promotion, this revenue-sharing model helps build a closely-knit community of dedicated fans. These aren't just passive listeners but active participants in the artist's journey. This tight-knit community can generate a level of loyalty and advocacy that no amount of marketing spend can buy.

Revenue sharing also creates a ripple effect that can significantly expand an artist's reach. As fan investors share and promote the artist's work within their networks, the artist gains access to a much broader audience. This can help established artists break into new demographics and geographies.

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Finally, this innovative approach can positively impact the artist's brand image. It demonstrates a commitment to fan engagement and a willingness to share success. This strengthens the relationship with existing fans and makes the artist more appealing to potential new fans.

As the industry continues to evolve, Talentir stands at the forefront, defining how we value and engage with the artists we admire.