What if you could be part of a movement that revolutionizes the music industry, democratizes content, and creates authentic connections between artists and fans?

Head of Marketing Universal Music joins Talentir

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David Dittrich
Director of Marketing

What if you could be part of a movement that revolutionizes the music industry, democratizes content, and creates authentic connections between artists and fans?

This question came to my mind as I wanted to take a new step in my professional career, transitioning from the Head of Artist Marketing for Universal Music Austria to becoming the Marketing Director for Talentir.

After spending more than 11 years for the ORF Radio FM4 and 4 ½ years for Universal Music, I had established a fruitful career in the music industry. My last role involved shaping artists' careers and navigating the entertainment business's complex landscape. However, despite the fulfillment and accomplishments I experienced, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing — a desire to challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional models, and significantly impact the industry I loved.

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That's when I met the guys from Talentir. This young Austrian startup shares my vision of transforming people's thoughts about content, democratizing the music industry, and focusing on the artist-fan relationship. The more I learned about Talentir's mission, the more convinced I became that this had to be the next step in my career journey. I wanted to be part of an organization that had the potential to revolutionize an entire industry and create sustainable change.

Talentir is creating a new era of creative ownership and community-building. It empowers artists to take ownership of their work and share it with their fans as tradable assets. This innovative approach allows greater participation and democratization in an industry dominated by big players. By allowing fans to invest, collect, and trade digital content, Talentir is redefining how people engage with music and enabling artists to build loyal and supportive fan communities.

Throughout my career in the music industry, I witnessed the immense impact that a strong connection between artists and fans can have. However, traditional models often limit the potential for this connection to thrive. Talentir's platform offers a unique opportunity to bridge that gap, enabling artists to share their work directly with their fans and giving fans a chance to participate in an artist's success actively.

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As a marketing executive, I am deeply passionate about entrepreneurial thinking and constantly seek challenges that align with my values and goals. Therefore, Talentir's mission resonated with me on a profound level. I want to change how people think about content, challenge established norms, and create a more inclusive and sustainable music industry. By joining Talentir, I am in a position to make a tangible impact and drive positive change.

I am confident that Talentir will revolutionize how we monetize moving images, democratize access to music, and create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits artists and fans alike.

Moreover, Talentir's focus on creative ownership and community building aligns perfectly with my belief in the power of strong connections. As a natural connector and communicator, I firmly believe that fostering authentic and sustainable relationships is the foundation for success. Talentir's platform provides the tools and opportunities to build and nurture these connections, creating a vibrant ecosystem where artists and fans can thrive.

In addition to my alignment with Talentir's mission, I am equipped with the necessary skills and experience to contribute to its success. With 19 years of work experience, including ten years in leadership and management roles, I bring a wealth of marketing, project management, information technology, and web3 knowledge. Besides, my preference to drive innovation, embrace change, and navigate complex challenges will be helpful as we shape the future of the music industry together.

We can change how people think about content and forge a brighter future for the creative industry, where artists and fans are united in their passion for music, empowered by creative ownership, and connected in a community built on trust, authenticity, and mutual support. The journey ahead is exciting, challenging, and full of opportunities, and I am more than ready to start this adventure.