What is Talentir and how does it work? In a small explainer, we will show you how you can own a share of a YouTube Video.

How does it work?

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You can own a YouTube Video

Every Video on YouTube earns money when it's being played, either through paid ads or through users who pay for subscriptions. Talentir built a revolutionary platform that enables you to own a share of a video. This means, you will earn money, when the video is being played, and get access to the exclusive Artist community. 🚀

How do I get a share?

You can choose a video here and press the buy Button. You can decide how much you are willing to pay and get a share. You'll see how much the video is currently earning. Sometimes, Creators even give away free shares, so follow us on Instagram for news.

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Why are Creators doing this?

Every Creator understands, that involving people, who love what they do, is one of the best investments they can make. Our data shows that videos with co-ownership campagins grow about 50% faster. By sharing the ownership of their work, creators can grow together with their community.

This is the time to give something back to you. All the people who supported me can apply, and we are all going to be owners of the show together. This is my way of giving something back to all my loyal supporters.

Colyn, Electronic Music Artist

How do I receive the payout?

We are very transparent about our payout. Around 15 to 20 days after the month has concluded, we'll distribute the income of the video to all co-owners. You'll receive a notification when this has happened.

Feedback & Final Words

We are here to help. Send us a message to office@talentir.com. We love you ❤️