We want to thank Quantstamp for conducting a thorough audit on our codebase. No matter how much brain power and heart blood you put into your codebase, it is always better to double-check.

Our Codebase Has Been Put to the Test

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We want to thank Quantstamp for conducting a thorough audit of our codebase. Regardless of how much expertise, dedication, and effort you devote to your programming work, a second pair of professional eyes is always advantageous.

This audit constituted one of the final necessary steps before we launched our Beta version. We have received our final audit report from Quantstamp (one of the leading security companies in the blockchain industry).

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This milestone brings us closer to realizing our vision of enabling artists to transform their YouTube videos into tradable and sharable assets and letting them share ownership with their fans. In this blog post, we will show you the inner workings of Talentir and explain why smart contract audits are essential for maintaining the security and integrity of our platform.

At Talentir, we offer two types of smart contracts. The first one enables fractional ownership of YouTube videos, implementing the ERC1155 standard. This means fans can own small parts of the video's rights.

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Additionally, we have developed a decentralized marketplace where these fractions can be bought and sold, providing a transparent and efficient platform for creators and fans to engage in an entirely novel way.

To safeguard our platform and protect the interests of our future users (You), we enlisted the services of Quantstamp, one of the best companies specializing in securing blockchain ecosystems. Together with their expertise in automated and manual auditing techniques, the amazing Quantstamp team thoroughly examined our smart contract code. Their auditors meticulously tested the code against various known vulnerabilities, documenting its behavior and identifying potential issues.

Following the audit, we can confidently state that our platform's foundation – the smart contracts – have undergone a rigorous audit to ensure maximum security for all users.

Johannes Kares, CTO Talentir

One significant advantage of an in-depth contract audit is the level of transparency it provides. Even if you don't fully understand all the underlying technology, it's vital to know that we're making every effort to guarantee the safety of your assets. Having our code audited by an independent entity like Quantstamp offers our users an impartial view of the security precautions we've implemented on our platform. Of course, full transparency might come with difficulties, but it fosters trust and confidence in everything we do.

During the four-week audit period, the auditors identified several issues within our smart contract code. As it is a new way to use these special contracts, looking for vulnerabilities was even more critical. This process allowed us to strengthen our platform's security, ensuring that everybody can safely engage with Talentir.

Completing our smart contract audit is a significant milestone for us and our vision.

While experiencing this test was undoubtedly a painful experience, we recognize the value of undergoing smart contract audits. We will soon start to open our platform to more fantastic artists and creators to join us on the way to unchaining the full potential of digital content.