The electronic dance music duo, Andhim, is breaking new ground with its recently released 'I Love You' video.

Andhim Gives All Future Earnings of Latest YouTube Video to Fans

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We couldn't contain our excitement when Andhim approached us with a visionary proposal. The iconic electronic dance music duo from Cologne, consisting of Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller, has a decade-long track record of captivating audiences, and their latest move is no exception.

Music has always been about connection – between notes, between artists, and between fans and their favorite musicians. This bond has historically been emotional, with fans supporting through concert tickets, merchandise, and album sales. However, today marks a pivotal shift in this dynamic. Andhim, in collaboration with Talentir, is taking a bold step to redefine this relationship.

It is time to give something back to our fans, and so we decided to share the future revenue with all of them.


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This sentiment encapsulates more than just the financial aspect; it's a nod to the unyielding support and shared passion that fans have poured into Andhim's journey since their 2010 debut. Their wildly successful remix of "Wine & Chocolates" by Theophilus London, which garnered millions of views on YouTube, is a testament to this communal achievement.

The dawn of a new era

Fans can co-own a piece of Andhim's latest video masterpiece with our platform. This isn't just symbolic ownership, it's a real stake in the video's financial success. All it takes is two clicks. You’re not just a fan – you're a partner for life now.

Our platform transforms YouTube video rights into shared assets, a revolutionary approach allowing artists and fans to partake in shared success genuinely. It's our way of saying that the journey is as significant as the destination in music. And every journey is made richer by those who walk it with you.

Join us in making history

The gates to this incredible opportunity are now open on Talentir. Claim your share in the success story of one of electronic dance music's brightest stars. Let's redefine what it means to be a fan and create music history, one fan-owned video at a time.

In the grand tapestry of music, Andhim's latest gesture will shine bright as a beacon of innovation and mutual respect. With Andhim and Talentir, you're not just listening to the music but living it.